Toto's Opium Dream 2016

Toto’s Opium Dream 2016 was produced from a single block of our ‘Old Men’ Cabernet vines, planted in 1945 on St. George rootstock. These ancient icons are the foundation of Scarecrow wine and represent the purest expression of our magnificent fruit from 2016.

Bottle No. 001 of this 200-bottle, hand-numbered micro lot was recently sold at the Napa Valley Harvest STOMP Auction.

Later this year, members of our mailing list will be notified to log into their account to register their interest in purchasing one of the remaining series of 199 bottles.

After the offer closes, a blind drawing will be held to determine access and ranking for the remaining 199 bottles. If you are selected, you will have the option to complete the purchase in the order drawn and choose your preferred bottle number if still available.

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