Mimi Deblasio

Mimi DeBlasio was born in Minneapolis in 1948 and grew up surrounded by a great network of familial warmth and support. A move to Los Angeles in 1967 provided a larger arena for expressing her creativity and satisfying her abundant curiosity.

Powered, driven and inspired by the exceptional range of gifted people she seems to attract, Mimi has explored many artistic passions, achieving personal success and recognition in the fields of dance, music, photography, and various design genres. She has recently created a line of handmade jewelry which, through word of mouth alone, is now collected worldwide.

When she met Bret Lopez in 1986, they recognized one another instantly as kindred spirits. They shared much, including daughters of a similar age, Kate DeBlasio and Coco Lopez. Blending family, talent and vision, they worked synergistically for the next twelve years as world class photographer and stylist. Mimi’s personal dynamic is perhaps best described by what Malcolm Gladwell calls “the tipping point.” As Bret puts it, “Everybody wants anything Mimi does. Songs have been written about her.”

Having shared a love for the Rutherford estate throughout their years together, there was no question that their teamwork would translate elegantly to a new life in the vineyard, and to Scarecrow. “Our lifestyle in the Napa Valley is the grand reflection of all we are, all we value and hold dear,” Mimi says. “I’m thrilled and grateful with every beat of my heart.”